Slippers and a GOTS bodysuit – pink


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Slippers and a GOTS bodysuit – pink

A discounted price for the set, suitable as a gift. A bodysuit with short sleeves, made from 100% organic cotton with a GOTS certificate + slippers with a closed toe. Specify the size of slippers in the comment, please.
Usually ships in: 10-15 working days

A bodysuit with practical button fastening, pleasant to the soft baby skin. Made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.

Why did we choose to use organic materials?

Organic materials turn out to be the best choice for numerous reasons. There are no chemicals used throughout the entire process starting from the plant treatment at the beginning to the actual fabric at the end. The health of workers participating on the process is not exposed to any risks chemicals and fertilizers would introduce. When growing organic cotton, only manure of the finest quality is applied and cultivators use old techniques to repel insects and pests. Soil is cultivated manually and no child labour is utilized. High working etiquette standards are followed at the organic cotton plantations. No chemicals are used in the dyeing process either.

Organic materials are very soft, have anti-stress and thermoregulatory characteristics, are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin. Clothes made of organic materials will especially be appreciated by moms and their kids or people with skin prone to irritation. Colours of clothes remain bright, hold their shape even after numerous washings and go from older to younger siblings while still looking as new.

You can rely on various certifications to recognize the quality of the organic materials. GOTS certificate belongs to the best in the fashion industry. If you are searching for high quality clothing, certified organic clothes are an undoubtedly outstanding choice.

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