When you buy these shoes, you can be sure that you have made the right move for your baby\'s comfort, safety and healthy development.


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Purchasing this footwear you can be sure you have done the best for comfort, safety and healthy development of your child's foot.
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Children’s walking footwear with a practical Velcro fastening for children up to 6 years of age. It’s light, flexible and made of natural leather including linings, which ensure breathability and it perfectly adjusts to the shape of the foot. The ankle-high design, reinforcement of the heel and an anatomically shaped antibacterial insole guarantee comfort and a feeling of safe walking to your child and with regard to anatomical particularities of the child‘s foot also its healthy development. Only water-dilutable glue (without organic solvents) was used to produce the shoe vamp and the insole. The entire shoe vamp is made of smooth Nappa leather treated to improve its resistance and utility properties particularly in rainy and humid weather, which simplifies shoe care and cleaning. An increased margin of the sole with the tip of the shoe overlapping also ensure better resistance to water soaking, spillage and vamp damage. Our footwear holds the certification of health and hygiene compliance and is in particular suitable for wearing outside. Besides that it has been reviewed by the board of following members: an orthopaedist, a paediatrician, a modeller and footwear production professionals. Based on this review RAK shoes acquired a licence to use the trademark "Giraffe" and "Czech quality". It should be primarily used outdoors.

Purchasing this footwear you can be sure you have done the best for comfort, safety and healthy development of your child’s foot.





Shoes for your child

The appearance of shoes should be the least important fact when choosing children’s footwear. Even the most beautiful pair of shoes for your princess or your prince may not be suitable for your child. If you choose wrong shoes, you can permanently damage your little one’s feet. There are several important steps when choosing children’s footwear. One of the most important is good material, cut, size, and last but not least, if the shoe copies the shape of the child‘s foot. One of the big mistakes is when children's footwear is inherited by siblings. The shoe adjusts to the shape of a child‘s foot and it wears out over time, therefore it is not appropriate for your child to wear a pair of shoes already worn by another child.

Proper children's footwear

Children's footwear should be flexible and firm at the same time in different places. The most flexible should be the front part to enable free movement of children’s toes, while the firmest should be the heel. The heel does not always mean a high-heel.  The heel surrounds and protects children's foot from unwanted turning sideways. The foot inside children's shoes must have a stable heel.

Fingers in children's footwear have to be free and must not hit the top of the shoe. If they aren’t free, there might occur abrasions on children’s toes, ingrown toenails and painful bruises. It often happens that shoes are already uncomfortable for the child, but her pain threshold is lower and the child gets used to it quickly, we must not underestimate this when buying shoes. We should also regularly check if the shoe still fits, if the foot didn’t already grow.

What is also important is the shoe material which should be made of natural materials. Children's shoes have to be breathable, should adsorb moisture because the child’s foot sweats much more than the adult’s foot and it should adjust to the shape of the child’s foot.

Comfort for the child’s foot

Good and health conscious children's footwear is essential and therefore we shall never regret money that we spend on it. It is also important not to succumb to fashion and trends. Footwear serves us and our children for movement and protection of our feet, for comfort and satisfaction.

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