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Sandal slippers with closed tip

Children's slippers – light blue vichy karo

Children’s footwear RAK - slippers. Beautiful comfortable slippers with a closed toe, which belong to bestsellers.
Manufacturer:RAK spol. s r.o.
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EU: 17, UK: 1‚5: 14,50 €
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Children's slippers of a sandal cut with a closed toe and "Velcro" fastening are designed for children up to 3 - 4 years. The slipper is light, flexible, made of textile (100% cotton), which provides breathability and it perfectly adjusts to the shape of the foot. The slipper's insole in the shank part is filled with a foam material providing your child with comfortable and safe walking and promoting healthy foot development. They should be primarily used indoors as slippers. These shoes hold the certification of health and hygiene compliance. Besides that, they have been reviewed by the board of the following members: an orthopaedist, a paediatrician, a modeller and footwear production professionals. Based on this review RAK shoes acquired a licence to use the trademark "Giraffe" and "Czech quality".

Purchasing this footwear, you can be sure you have done the best for comfort, safety and healthy development of your child’s foot.

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