Twice measure and once run

     Unless we adults choose the right shoes for us it is usually a matter of a few seconds when we finish our searching in e-shop with a model of preferred colour and brand. Moreover, the size of our feet remains for some years of the same values, therefore in this area we can help ourselves very easily. It is a little bit more complicated in the case of our offspring. They are growing right before our eyes and it is difficult to choose the right shoes size. Trying to help each other we have decided to describe on a couple of smart points the progress on how best to measure your child's foot size.

1. It is all especially about enjoying yourself

     Our children are playful and fun loving creatures! It is impossible sometimes to want them to obey our command whenever we wish. It is therefore necessary to think of some way of engaging the child. Persuade your child that the feet measurement may have the same meaning as building the castle from LEGO bricks. You can grab it as a new type of game that you want to play. Or you can have your little baby in the position of useful help that you need in the course of a very important intervention in your apartment or house. Finally, you can promise your child the sweet reward that will be served at the end of your event.

2. The safety and your patience is of great importance

Once you have managed the attention of your little help to be shifted to your side, then it is important to prepare all the necessary equipment and tools to make the event successful. The ideal is to find a house wall that is free of furniture and other accessories. Your child could safely lean on the wall without risk of head strike or cause of other unexpected injury. You will also need blank slate of paper, pencil and again some tiny toy or object. You would need to maintain attention of your tots even in this a very important moment of measurement. It is also recommended serving a dish but great care must be taken not to get dirty your paper as your final evidence.


3. Double measure and write once

     Now the most important stage of the operation is coming when it is necessary to trace your child´s foot. The measurement should give us a plausible indication of the correct size shoes to buy. It is again important to check if our child is concentrated and willing to cooperate in order to avoid that in the most fundamental point baby backs away and the whole event will be thwarted. Therefore, we will evaluate all the possible factors that could him / her to disturb (WC, hunger, itching, a large spider on the wall) and get slowly but surely into the process of the measurement. We can use the pencil perpendicularly to the paper. Make sure the foot is stretched and firmly pressed against the heel of the adjacent wall and note the distance between the wall and the big toe of your child´s foot. Measured data at least two times verify for sure, respectively we can invite our child to put on paper the other foot just for comparison. That would require a double attention, concentration and a further reward for our child. So we assumed that we should have due to our age an experienced estimation and quite accurate eye for the measurement.


4. It is time to come out with the truth

If you have gotten this far, so we can congratulate you and look forward to the selection and purchasing the proper footwear in our e-shop. However, there is now one remaining more pleasant duty. You could finish your measuring action in a way which more than satisfy you and your child. You can put everything into a corner and thank your little help for his/her patience and the willingness. You can put in front of your baby promised a sweet reward or come out with the truth and admit that it all went to buy a birthday gift that will be coveted shoes. In both cases the success is guaranteed and you are going to have a proven instruction for similar actions in the future.


5. Finally, it's all over

 Make your operation really successful and effective and generate the data entered in the summary table. It will guide you whenever you get the urge to buy new footwear. Alternatively you can also create a certain chronology and have both feet grow sufficient overview of your child after when you are measuring child´s height. Then you can freely compare your data with the data in our table of sizes and choose for your tots the smartest footwear that will delight child´s feet and heart and promote health and proper development of the feet.


PS: We are looking forward to your purchase!



How to determine the right size of shoes !

1. We will try to attract our offspring to us.

2. Put him / her on paper to the wall.

3. Trace your child´s leg  so that the pencil  faces perpendicularly to the paper.

4. Thank your hero for superhuman performance.

5. Compare length up to our table and select the appropriate size in e-shop.


French size

Shoe inner length in cm

Approximate length of shoes in cm

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