How to get to us


How to get to us and opening hours

Dear customers,

If you opt for personal collection of your order, I will explain to you the way that you do not lose your way :) At the entrance to Bánovce on the part of Trenčín is a long straight and crowded :) road to Partizánske (Topoľčany). About half of this road on the right (the road from Trenčín) or left (the road from Partizánske) there is Hella plant, where is turning from the main road to the right-TN, to the left-PE. Approximately 30 m after turning there is the rail road crossing and if you subtract the third turning on the right (Inovecká street) so you can be after about 100 m at us - a yellow building on the right.

If you look around properly, so we have on the main road on both sides yellow information tables RAK spol. s.r.o. with arrow indicating where to turn.

And if anyone would have a problem and would wander, call 0905 331 930 and I will explain how to find us.

We are looking forward to you !


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