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about us

In 2016 at RAK we felt it’s time to move not only our production to the next level, also the service we provide to our wholesale but in particular to our retail customers needed to be enhanced. That intrinsic need led to creation of the online store Gugenio.sk (which got an English Gugenio.com sibling later on). Gugenio online store is a modern and better structured successor of the previous one prezuvky.sk. You might ask how did we come up with the name Gugenio. The word is a neologism and names our mascot who accompanies you throughout the process of the order from the selection to the actual submission and eventually the warranty claim, which we approach on individual basis to ease our customer from unnecessary struggle.


Gugenio.com is a web shop just like many others, it’s got a neat graphical interface with many compartments you can browse the goods at. We wish you feel special and have a pleasant experience when visiting Gugenio.com, that’s why we introduced the colouring picture of Gugenio free for you to download as well as a comic which will guide you through the steps of correct foot measurement - that can in fact turn out not to be that simple. Anyway, even if you would order incorrect size there is another picture advising you how to get the shoe pair replaced by a new one for free.


The high quality RAK shoes are not the only sort of products you can find at Gugenio.com. In 2018 we introduced our kids clothing collection named GUGENIO made of GOTS certified BIO cotton. We believe the GOTS certificate will become a standard in the kids fashion segment at certain point.


One more thing, since RAK is in the market for over 25 years, maybe you wore RAK shoes and slippers as a kid too. That’s why we included stylish dotted slippers for adults into our offering as well to remind you of the times :) We believe the enthusiasm we put into our work will be reflected in your satisfaction with our online store Gugenio.com.


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